Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Great Quelling of Winter: The New Modern Game and the Road to Opening Day

Baseball in the twenty-first century is a wild creature. It has been a force of stability in a time of unprecedented tragedy and a gravitational center for some of the greatest sins in modern sports. At the turn of the century, statistics and analytics were in the dark ages compared to today.

Then Billy Beane and his Oakland Athletics were catalysts for a sea change that lead to other teams pushing the boundary further.

The Tampa Bay Rays, once the runt of the litter without the means to financially compete with their world-class division mates, figured out how to game the system by integrating Wall Street strategy to their front office.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, long-suffering for something as simple as a winning season, used a watershed of defensive analytics to reverse their fortunes if only for a few years. The Second Wild Card Era began, and with it came opportunities for more chaos in October.

The 2014 World Series featured two Wild Card teams, one of which would not have made the postseason if not for the rule change adding a fifth playoff team to each league.

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