Monday, September 26, 2016

The Voice of Generations: Vincent Edward Scully Walks Away

This was never going to be easy. Nothing in baseball ever is. Most baseball fans have lived their whole lives with Vin Scully in the booth, calling games with his timeless wit and ceaseless pool of anecdotes and musings. There will never be another broadcaster to grasp the consciousness of baseball so wholly and yet be so grateful for having been given the opportunity. He leaves behind a legacy of what baseball is to so many of us- a diversion from the more calculated and firm things of life. He is, and always will be, the voice of baseball.
There is no reason for me to wax on and on about the career of Vin Scully. Frankly, I could never do it any justice. For more than twice my lifetime, Vin has been the play by play announcer for the Dodgers, be they in Brooklyn or Los Angeles. Seeing that much baseball can surely wear on a man, but Vin seemed to take in every game with the same wonder that enveloped him as a young boy in New York.

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller, of Effectively Wild Podcast, theorized that Vin Scully has probably seen more baseball games than anyone ever. Of course this is likely impossible to prove, but it seems reasonable and that is downright bonkers. If the adage is true that when you go to the ballpark, you might just see something that's never been done before, then Vin has likely witnessed nearly everything this game has to offer.

My favorite moments of a Vin game call, are when he gets really deep into a story. This happens often throughout a broadcast, and its magical. There's something genuine about his manner of delivery and comedic timing. Scully's rich cultural fascination with players' backstories spills out over the airwaves, planting seeds of variably useless knowledge in our brains. These are the kind of stories that would seem dull if told by anyone else, but Vin has a way of making even the most mundane and ordinary seem magnificent.

Vin Scully walked away from the booth yesterday, to fanfare and tributes and applause. He called his final game against his boyhood favorites, the Giants.

When all was said and done, behind gracious tears brought on by heartfelt sentiments from around baseball, Vin left us with one final quote that was quintessentially him.

"I've always felt that I needed you much more than you needed me. And that holds true to this very day."

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