Thursday, July 7, 2016

From the Box Seats: The Only Rule is It Has to Work

From the Box Seats is a series in which I read baseball books and then write about them. This is the first such entry, but I plan on releasing a new book review every month.

The Only Rule is It Has to Work
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller
2016 - 343 Pages

If there is a bright center to the baseball universe, the independent leagues are on a planet that is farthest from. Much like Luke Skywalker’s hopeless, derelict planet in Star Wars, the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball is a castoff and swept-aside league consisting of four teams in and around the greater Bay Area of Northern California. The fledgling league began play in 2013, when it included two teams located in Hawaii. Much like other indie ball leagues, it exists financially on the atmosphere of family-friendly entertainment. This includes, but is not limited to many of the gimmicks that line the foul lines of affiliated clubs, without the financial backing of a parent organization.

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