Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You Could Write A Novel: Trevor Story and the Fairytale Beginnings of a Myth

For many players, their first at bat in the Major Leagues is a moment to treasure. Often times it ends with a groundout or pop fly, typically due to understandable jitters. Starting the first game of the season tends to mean facing the opposing team's ace. So when Trevor Story stepped in against the pitching scientist Zack Greinke in his career debut on April 4th, most conventional wisdom would tilt favor toward the man on the mound. Baseball, however, has no sound conventional wisdom. So Story stepped into the box and took a pitch. On the next offering from Arizona's new, expensive ace, he swung.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Small Clap of Thunder: Opening Day and the Everlasting Lore of the Game of Baseball

There is a unique affection for things that have come and passed. It flows with the tide of the seasons. Moments are romanticized to forget the misery within the ceaseless heat of August and overwhelming darkness of December. So goes the realm of baseball. Each year I pontificate baseball as something grander than just a game. The desire to sublimate it as a metaphor for the heartache and resiliency of the human spirit is easy, given the long process from spring training to the World Series. There are peaks and valleys to a season, complete with all of the stages of grief tagging along to help a fan through a star player injury or the agonizing tension of the trade deadline. So when a new season begins, even the most meager of fan bases hold out some faith that the great ball of fate may roll their way. It is the perseverance of our hearts that leads us to believe in something that may undoubtedly hurt.

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