Thursday, August 21, 2014

Protest the Zero: The Sullen Giants, the Sudden Rain, and the Serendipitous Tarp of Wrigley Field

In my life to this point, I have witnessed several acts of protest. It's part of our backbone as Americans, and frankly, as humans. Often times, however, this act of free speech is in vain. Still, it is our right to stand against a decision we believe is wrong. As I write on Wednesday night, protesters in suburban St. Louis are again clashing with police. While I believe the events happening there are the most relevant and important thing happening in our country right now, this is a baseball blog. It just so happens that in the midst of that unrest, an MLB game protest was upheld. The San Francisco Giants challenged the ruling of a rain-shortened loss to the Chicago Cubs and won. Thursday afternoon, the game will resume. For the first time in my lifetime, a win and a loss will be wiped from the table, and justice will be served.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apple Among Oranges: The Fort Wayne TinCaps and the Authentic Minor League Experience

Baseball has always intrigued me. I don't really know why. Something has always drawn me to the sport. It has to be one of the largest, most popular professional sports in the nation. This has nothing to with the gigantic television contracts that these teams are apparently getting, or the richest sport contracts in our great nation. No, it's because no matter where you live in the nation, there's probably at least one professional/semi-professional baseball team within a half hour from your house. Check it out.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Soul of the Game Part III: On to Where It All Began

My week-long baseball journey ended how it started, with a called strike. It is only appropriate that it also ended where it all began, in Cincinnati. One hundred forty-five years before Alex, Ben, Kevin, and I attended a day game in late July, professional baseball was in its absolute infancy. Now, the professional game is a multi-billion dollar industry with teams across the globe. Still, no matter how large the game of baseball grows or how astronomical the salaries climb, there is still a special ambiance to a game in the city along the Ohio River.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Soul of the Game Part II: A Minor League Kind of Towm

For a city like Indianapolis, Minor League Baseball has become a parallel line bonded closely to the path of the city itself. This year marks one hundred twenty-eight consecutive seasons of baseball played in Indiana's capital. The namesake Indians ballclub was founded in 1902 and has served as a AAA-class team for Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Montreal, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Boston Braves, and currently for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Throughout all of the changes in players, managers, affiliations and so on, the one constant is the city's support for its team. I traveled to Indianapolis to take in a ballgame with my best friend of over 15 years. We've each seen our share of baseball games, but on a perfect night in late-July, we found out what makes the Minor League game special.

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