Monday, May 19, 2014

Dumb Buzzard's Luck: The "Chicago Federals," "Kansas City Packers," and the Unlucky Bounce of 100 Years

Waiting for the train that would take me back to Indiana, I stood in silence. A man, whom I would guess was around twice my age, let out a sigh. "That was rough," I said, in vain attempt to join him in anguish. "And when that ball hit second base..." he cut me off. The man turned and looked me in the eye. "That was the Cubs." He looked back, straight ahead toward the train, before the sentence had fully escaped his lips. It was as if the decades of disappointment had unfurled before him in a moment of dumb buzzard's luck. Of all the days, in all the years, an ending such as this was destined to come on the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field's first game. The Cubs began the ninth inning up 5-2. What transpired from then-on beautifully and tragically embodied what it means to be a fan of the "lovable losers."

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