Monday, March 31, 2014

Should Opening Day Be a National Holiday?

Opening Day, National Holiday. Let those words sink in.

How goofy does that sound?

Now, Opening Day is one of the most exciting days in the entire year for me. The White Sox are first place. All thirty teams have a chance to not only win their division, but take the entire league. There will be roughly 20 days of gameplay by each team over the course of the season, but what makes this specific day so much better than the others?
‘It’s every teams first game.’ - That’s not true anymore. Many people probably don’t realize that the MLB season started last weekend. In Australia. Oh, and also that it cost us the sport’s best pitcher. Not only that, there is a game the Sunday before everyone else plays too. What’s the point in celebrating the start of the other twenty-six teams? If you were to tell me for the rest of eternity all thirty teams will play on the same day, then I could understand, but that likely won’t happen anymore.

‘This is America’s sport.’ – Yeah, not really anymore. Although some of these TV mega deals may tell you otherwise, at this point in time, I can confidently say that NFL is the top sport in America. Also, the time investment for football is so much less than baseball. Say you watch twelve hours of football each Sunday for the regular season. That’s still only eight and a half days and football has about a million times more action that baseball, depending on who you ask of course. For kids who participate in sports, football may be dying out with the increased head injuries, although no sport is injury-free, and it will be interesting to see in the next few decades how these sports will adapt. As for now, baseball is America’s Pastime, but not America’s Favorite.

‘Happy Chocolate Covered Fruit Day!’ – I already get to wake up each day and hear about all of the random ‘holidays' for every date on the calendar (thanks, Buzzfeed), so clogging my Outlook calendar with more and more holidays. As delicious as Chocolate Covered Fruit Day sounds, Opening Day is already a faux-holiday to me and I celebrate it by wearing my favorite Sox shirsey and watching/listening to a chunk of the games. However, when I first heard of the outpouring of support of to make Opening Day a national holiday, all I saw was an excuse to not go to work. EVERYONE IS OFF AND GETS TO WATCH BASEBALL!! Well, I’ve already heard pleas to make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday and even March Madness Thursday and Friday. I just can’t believe that we need to make excuses as to why specific days have such a decrease in work output compared to others. Moreover, the reason being a sports game? Sigh.
Now, I probably sound like an old grumpy Gus. As I mentioned, I may be making assumptions. Still, don’t put It past Obama to make Opening Day a national holiday. Just kidding, only in Chicago.

- Jimmy Bobowski

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