Monday, March 31, 2014

Requiem for Winter: Opening Day and the Art of Anticipation

Baseball makes you wait. There are no continual end to end sprints present in basketball and hockey. There is not a play clock like that which drives the game of football. The audience is held captive by the lingering stillness before a pitch. Every seat is empty, as everyone present is on their feet creating a roar that can only grow louder as the moment progresses. Tension builds and overwhelming pressure lands on the shoulders of the loneliest man in sports- the pitcher. He pauses and winds his body away from the plate. He hurls a leather-bound bullet less than sixty feet in under a second. Strike two. Heart rates increase. The crowd has reached a deafening volume. The inning, the game, the season can turn on what happens next, and everyone present knows just that. It may be but a few seconds, but the wait seems endless. The pitcher accepts the catcher's sign and sets. The resolution is about to come.

Should Opening Day Be a National Holiday?

Opening Day, National Holiday. Let those words sink in.

How goofy does that sound?

Now, Opening Day is one of the most exciting days in the entire year for me. The White Sox are first place. All thirty teams have a chance to not only win their division, but take the entire league. There will be roughly 20 days of gameplay by each team over the course of the season, but what makes this specific day so much better than the others?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The First Great Thaw: A New Era for Purdue Calumet Peregrines Baseball

I'm going to write a bit on a team of which most who read this blog are unfamiliar. In the many years I have loved and watched the game of baseball, I have cheered for many teams, swayed allegiances to various Minor League clubs, and settled in a place of constant suffering with the Cubs. Yet in this abundance of passionate cries of heartbreak and victory, I could never really call a team 'mine.' While I am hopelessly devoted to the redundant anguish of the old Chicago club, the feeling of pride I get from a win is merely a vicarious temperament. There is a new pride, however, in the fledgling baseball program at my alma mater, Purdue University Calumet.

Carpe Noctem: The Geoff Blum Story

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