Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Like Death and Taxes: Fan Appreciation and the Closing Day* for the American Association

It is often said of baseball that there is always a tomorrow. No matter how awful you or your team perform, tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities for success. The game's forgiving nature only lasts so long, however. As the daylight hours steadily shrink in number and crisp air rushes in from the Northwest, baseball's promise of tomorrow is broken. The season must end. For some, life goes on in the postseason. For most, it is merely a final chance to step into the box before spring. On Labor Day, September 2nd, the Gary Southshore Railcats and El Paso Diablos played the final game of their respective regular seasons. El Paso would win, but Gary would live to play on at least one more week. For those who filled the seats on the ceremonial last day of summer, the day would be won ultimately by the calling card of independent baseball- unparalleled fan experience.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

1992 to Forever: The Pittsburgh Pirates and Solving the Moses Complex

As the story goes, Moses never set foot in the promised land, he merely witnessed his long-sought paradise from a mountain. A generation lost in the wilderness was too long. There have been many fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates who perished before this season. Wandering in the unholy mire of losing season after losing season, the identity of the team became synonymous with crippling failure. Today marks the beginning of the end. To the season, and to the more than two decades of tribulation. As I write, Pittsburgh sits tied atop the National League Central division. Much like that mountain Moses stood upon, the Pirates can see the promised land in the distance, but unlike the ancient prophet, this land of milk and honey is within reach.

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